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Saturday, 7 November 2009

✿what's wrong..?✿

something wrong with me..!!
there is sth completely wrong in my brain..!!
I dunno what's wrong..!!
7alat el-enf9aam bdt 3ndee..!!!!!
thinking .. thinking .. thinking
maybe makes me in this 7ala
thinking about silly things..and huge things
may be
el-feeling bel-guilty
something missing
something wrong
I dunno...!!!!


vitamin said...

خبصطتيني وياج o.O

when i get confused and i got alooooot of things i have to think about it .

i write everything down , on a sheet of paper
from A to Z . and see if that thing is worth to think about it or not . and then i go for the things that have the priority in my life . and by that all the ideas in my head or all what im thinking about can be organized .

and not only that ,, i write the important thing with colorful ink and the other with another ink .

life is full of colors , well u know that already ,, antei om alalwan a9lan :D

good luck dear
i like the way u writing ur diary

HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

اروحي أختبص يوم أمر بهالحالة
almost i use this way to orginize my thoughts and ideas
in every single thing in my life

yesss instead of colorful ink
i used colored papers loOl

but actually sometimes there is sth makes me ((someone else))
i feel that i'm not hakona
>>> this makes me thinking a lot in real hakona

and sometimes i feel bel-guilty that there are many many chances i didn't use them well
>> i used to say ok .. it's ok.. i will try again.. i will take the apportinuty in other things....etc
but sometimes i feel ......... i dunno actually my feeling but i hate this feeling

emmmm i'm writing tooooo much..!!!
but really walla
>> ساعات أمر بمواقف .. وتوعيني من السبات العميق اللي انا فيه
قد تكون ف صالحي
وساعات أتفاءل بعد هالمواقف
هالمواقف توعيني وتعيشني ((لفترة من الزمن)) في هوجاس وعالم مليء بالتفكير

اممم .. فيتا فيتا .. شوووووكرآ .. ووو تشكرآآآآآآآت كثيـــرآآآت
>> walla miss u
Thaanks a lot for ur words..

>>> waiting to see u soOn^^

Anonymous said...

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