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Monday, 9 November 2009


after I woke up.. and after a while.. I opened the window..I stood in front of the mirror..
I was staring in my face..in my eyes..in my eyes..in my eyes..and..in my eyes
>>> this means wayeeeed = a lot..!!
I was wondering ..
are these my eyes..?
is this my eye's color..?
woOw.. or.. yaaay..or.. may be the suitable one is sob7an allaah..!!!
I moved my face towards the light that coming from the window.. I notice that my eye's pupils became small..then I moved away from the light.. and my eye's pupils became bigger..
we studied this in the school..we know this..but I was laughing (3al-5feef) that I saw this.. actually I saw this in the past.. but today I feel '3eer..
i dunno why..?!!!
(metfaygah 9a7..?)

It's so hard to say bye..!!
even if you didn't live with that person that much..!!
today.. while we (F4:my friends + me) and some of our friends was sitting in the café (Mauro).. we were chatting about many different things.. then
One of the ladies that works there came to us.. and she said..hi.. I just wanna say bye..
and she was trying to hold her tears..!!
we were surprised..7leeeelha..!! when we said why?..no..? we will miss u..! …..etc
her tears start to fall down..!!!!
7leeeelhaaa.. she will go back to Philippine..
she was the one who always smile, chat with us, and know our names..know what we want before we make the order ..
emmm..so.. bye..and wish you all the best in your life..

oOh.. I thought that tomorrow will be the last day.. last day to have MidTerm exam.. and then there is no stress any more..
today.. I discover that Sunday..will be the last day..!!! oOh God
It takes very long time.. I wanna aftaak.. I don't care if it's easy or hard.. I wanna aftaak and feel free shway..!!
Bass of course>>> لعله خيــــــــر

ف كل الحالات بندرس .. وف كل الحالات بنمتحن .. الفرق هو الوقت
الحمـــدالله .. سبحان الله .. يمكن خيـــره حقنا..!!

bye the way..
emmm i may sometimes said things
or think of sth

emmm then i feel guilty
it may be silly thing

shasawee bel-feelings..?
I would like to say
Sorry Sorry Sorry
to someone who may never read this post
or may always checks my newest new..!!!
but 3al-2aqal I said sorry
to reduce the percentage of this feeling..!!


Samt♥AlbadoOo said...

will B back =)

>> btw, i read the post..ba8y my comment =D

HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

the most impo. thing is to be here in my blog
and i appreciate that

So....... i'm waiting ^^

vitamin said...


هيه قريته بعد .. سرت وييت سرت وييت

واختبصت ،، وبعدين رديت

منو هاي اللي راحت من الكليه .. حرام ما ودعتها ؟
فلبينياتي دوم اسولف وياهن


Samt♥AlbadoOo said...

حليلهآ يوم يت اتسلم علينآ
ويلست اتصيح عسب انهآ مآ بتشوفنآ
مسكييينه غضنت بي وخنقتني العبره عليهآ

الفلبينيه اللي فالكوفي محد غيرهآ لي اتحيدينهآ ( اللي من فتحو الكوفي العآم وهي فيـه ) حليلهآ صدق

بدور اول بآدي الفلبيني والحينه الفلبينيه


يعطيج العـآفيه هكونآ على البوست الحلوووو

ولآ اتحسين بالذنب الامور طيبه ان شاء الله =)

HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

O_o >> why doom u te5tb9ain..??

hahaha I'm mixing things 9a7..?

emmm i think her name is marline..!!
the first we7dah was in Mauro caffe
>>> الدفعة الأولى
خخخخخ .. تعرفين درويش صح؟
اممم الفلبيني من فترة سافر .. وأحين الفلبينية
ويابو 2 يداد
حليلهن حبوبات


امممم لازم أحس شوي بالذنب
لأنه الشخص حليله و والله حرام ماأقصد شي
اممم .. أحين خلص الإحساس بالذنب تقريبًا

وربي يعافيـج ^^ عيونج الحلوة فرندوووتي

Anonymous said...

البوست فــــــــــــــن
ما شاء الله

حلو اسلوبج فالكتابه



HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

Thaaaanks..3yoonig el-7lwaa sweetie ^^

y36eeg el-3afyaaa ^^

inshallah I will ^^

Thanks again sweetie =)