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Sunday, 30 August 2009

✿----äfaά yά HάķöØηã----✿

Welcome back my lovely college
Welcome back yaaa el-study ..
Wlcome back yaa el-F4 adventures ..
Happy DanceWelcome .. Welcome .. Welcome .. Happy Dance

yaay .. as I said .. I wanna begin this semester .. with full of energy .. with full of exciting .... etc
I wanna make every single thing amazing .. and consider each single thing as an exciting thing in my life ..

and the most important is that .. to consider this year fee sabeel allah .. don't u remember 7adeeeth our prophet..?!!

((من سلك طريقًا يلتمس فيه علمًا سهل الله له به طريقًا إلى الجنة))
And we are in this holy month .. walla wanasaah .. I'm so enthusiastic .. hope u too ..
** hahaha kell el-pic's elle foog tetragga9..!!!**

e7em e7em .. why the title is afaa ya hakoona..??
emmm .. after being soooo enthusiastic to start my academic year ..
and after trying to persuade F4y to start a strong beginning ..
hakona tadahwaart..!!!
7araaaam walla .. kaan 5aaa6ree adaweem .. O kent met7amsaah .. yaa rabbee..!!
afaaa walla .. this what u call it she3aaraaat faare'3ah .. kalaam fa'6ee ..
la la la .. bass walla yesterday I didn't sleep .. O there were big # of visitors .. ya3nee el-1 maaa yet3aab..!!?? ..

and .. I think Al-6ab3 Al-7shim .. affect on me indirectly .. ya3nee 3aglee el-baa6n 9addag kalamha .. O el-second 3agel ygool shay thane ..
my sisters went to their dwaam .. O hakona (( awennhaa el-2aakber)) masaasaaart ..
OoHoOo .. walla I still blame myself .. I feel guilty ..
Oo ba3ad I slept leeen '6ahree 3awrnee
my face is mentefe5 .. my voice is still ((feeh rgaad)) ..

· my sisters tried to wake me up .. bass kent mt3aayzaah..
· I found a msg from f6oom >> she thought that I'm there " in the college"
· 6aboO3aah .. thought that I'm in the college ..

O hakoona el-7abebaah fe sobaat 3meeq .. 7elamt 60 alf 7elm >>> mobala'3ah 9aa7..!!?

From hakona .. to inside hakona ..

I'm sorry sweetie .. I know 7alteee tadahwaaart .. bass I need to sit shway with myself .. to blame it more .. punish it .. apologize mn it .. encourage it .. in order to fix this tadahwoor ..

again .. Welcome back my academic semester ..

Saturday, 29 August 2009


almost 10 min-s to draw this silly one ..

* his hands are tied ..

* emmm I donno where are his legs ..
* I donno where are his clothes ..

* I donnow a9laan why I drew it ..!!

just sh5aabee6 ..

اممم .. حتى أنا واايد أكابر .. بس ليش..؟ ماعرف
ساعات يكون أحسن بنسبة طفيــفة جدًا .. بس ساعات أو بالأصح غالبًا
نكابر ع حساب أشياء ماترضى بالمكابره ع حسابها
ممم .. ماعرف
بس مافيني أكتب .. وأشرح

O bass ..!!

Friday, 28 August 2009


Hellosallaaaamon 3alaykooomemmm ..

just wanna show u my 2nd sketch ...
6ab3aan lazem asoolif .. O agool things .. O write too much ..
I donno why .. >>> kaifeee ..
blogy .. O a7eb asoliflaah ..
friendy .. O would like to share with them everything .. anything .. O kel shay ..
{ friend + y = my friend .. blogy + y = my blog }
ya3nee bel-3arabic >>> y el-nesbaaah

nn yesterday nn

something happened ..
((a9laan kel yoom many things happened ...!!!!! bass ana '3a9eb akteb shay motheer))
la la .. no no .. walla something happened 5allanee a7ess bel-guilty ..
O plame myself meraran .. O tekraran ..
bass fe qararat nafsee elle saweetah is the right thing .. but need some modification loOl .. hakona .. tried to repair the situation ..
emmm hope everything will be fine ..

{ ma7eb 7ad yez3al mnne because something that I cann't do it for them }
{ ma7eb to be a problem maker .. bass…!! }
hakona also .. would like to apologize ..
I know no one of these two persons will read my post .. but I will write ..

I'm sorry ya 1st person
I'm sooo sorry ya 2nd person
{ if u know es'salfaa .. u will say >> how silly r u ..!!! }
bass .. shasaweee..?

nn yesterday nn

I was chatting with my friends in MSN ..Happy Danceit was sooo nice ..
I was chatting with F4y >>> "again my F4"
I was chatting with my school friends .. walla I miss them alooooooooot wayeeeeeeeeeeeed ..
"I still remember that old days ((at school)) .. it was woow"

I showed friendy my sketch .. med7athoom wayeed .. "ast7ee" .. and she recommended a program where I can draw easily .. so try it ..
emmm she gave me a link ..
it didn't work with me .. but try .. it may work with u .. and try ur sh5aabee6
..click here ..
"I think the name of hte program is corelDraw"

Thaaanks friendy .. hope to see u soon ..

nn yesterday nn

I start drawing my 2nd sketch .. and .. take a look at it ..

** Idonno why it's ugly here..? el-quality '3eer..!!! **

nn today nn

I'm pinky .. everything is pink .. everything .. even things that may not come to ur mind..!!!
a7mdoOh ((my brother's walad .. ya3ne weld u5ooy)) ..
wearing baig t-shirt with red short ..
when he saw {miss pinky} .. 6alla3 his PsP .. and show me that his red samma3ah is suitable with his red short .. !!
enzeen ma7ad said to him shay..!!!!!
{he said that..becouse he notice that hakona becomes pink by wearing pink things}
>> ybaa y'3aaay'6nee..!!
I smiled and show him "kent a'3aaay'6aah"..
he said laa mesh 7loo .. mine is a7laa......!!

** by the way .. I don't like this color .. it's bannotee .. kel 7ad like it .. so I don't like it .. ya3nee 3ady 3ndee **

that's enough for today.. complete fel-coming 7alaqa .. tab3oona ..

Thursday, 27 August 2009


masaaakoOm ward .. massaaakoOm allah bel~5eer ..

after sahar elleel in >> .. I waked up .. and I didnot find my drawing .. 7leelee .. this my first time to draw using photoShop .. emmm I just re-draw it mn sa3a .. bass I went to make sambosa .. and now I post it ..

** I used to use vectors .. brushes .. damg el-photos ..
bass this time .. I only used a brush to draw every thing **

here is my drawing .. .. hope u like it ..

** I know.. there is something m3way .. thing foog .. thing dawn .. O .. it was a tagrobah **

although I consider the time as a precious thing .. but; sometimes ... I feel that I'm a professional in wasting time .. wallla instead of doing shay yeswa .. I drew this draw .. emmm ...
actually I wasn't wasting my time .. I was trying something .. but I waste time when I ......... emm donno ..
>>>m55ee '6aareb..!!!

bass 7aleyaaan .. I can see this from two sides .. I mean .. what has been done could be considered as wasting time .. and also could be considered as learning something new {not wasting}


I still write too much ..!!
I still suffering mn wasting too much time to post a colorful post..!!


Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I designed this card 3as'sree3 only for SEAs sake .. my initial idea was different bass this what I designed finally ..!

trahaa 3as'sree3


While wandering been a7'9aan el~blogs .. I found many exciting and useful things from different blogs.. I would like to share with u what I have found ..

n Here .. you can find many different aspects .. anashed mo7aa'6araat nice things ..
n Here .. nice jadwals to finish reading the holy Quran ..
n Here .. beautiful desktop background pictures designed by SEAs ..
n and here .. for those who are trying to leave songs ..


Yaaay .. lo agdaar aseer to KSA ((to Makah)) .. walla I would like to see how is Ramadan there..? .. emmm yaa raaab yestewww thing that required from me going there..!!


Heee 9aa7 .. today .. my sis sent me a msg to tell me about a very nice program
((كيف تتلذذ بالصلاة ..ام بي سي .. 5 ونص))
When I opened el~TV .. kaan 3a qanat el~mbc3 {a7medoo 7a66enha akeed} .. el~mohem .. I found el`rsoom that I told u about {in the previous post} .. rsoom el~ma3goon .. today was shu3aib -3lleh es'salaam- story ..
7lelhoom walla .. shakelhoom t3baneen 3leeh hal~rsoom ..
{ start at 6 .. emm I donno ecactly when they reshow it ..!!}
Then .. she5aah "my sis" .. 7a6at sama-dubai .. O sheft balqees serial .. 7loo .. bass 7seetah '3eer .. there is something ma3eyabnee..!!!

n emmm .. yessss .. before I forget .. visit this link .. for donations .. and more O more ..