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Thursday, 26 November 2009


Ooh..I didn't write for a long time..!!
My friends asked me to write about the trip to ((dar el-3agaza))
But walla really I didn't suitable time to express my feelings and write a post about that trip which opened my eyes 3la things that………………….. I dunno..!!

My friends asked me to write about the national day event..
but I think it is more suitable to write a7daath el-event in the 2nd of December..!!
I will write in sha allah.. trust me, since I said: I will =ya3nee= I will in-sha-allah..
>>> so now ,, I assumed that you are waiting two posts to be written..

Although el-time causes (هوجآس) to me, sometime I waste it in doing nothing.. Or I miss some precious moments without doing anything..
Ooh God I hate that..!!
especially these days.. walla 7araaaaam.. I feel that I didn do very useful and meaningful things..these days are '3eer (el-10), definitely '3eeeer..
God ytqabbal mnna 9ale7 el-a3maal..Oo..ytqabbal 9yamna in-sha-allah

my dream..!!
mn kammen day I dreamed a lot of things.. as usual..!!
emmmm one of my dreams was that:
I complete my study (master),, and guess where??..
hahahaha in my primary school..!!!
I was wearing the uniform of the school, el-admin of the school knows me, she called me and asked me to change my uniform because it is m5alef, and then I went to 6abor el-9baa7..!!!!!!!

I discovered new thing in my brother..!!
while he was telling me about the competition, his friends, and their 7arakat and adventures, I feel that he is different than what is in my mind..!!
HOW?! >> I dunno
I dunno exactly what I have discovered hahahaha, emmm actually I know, but I dunno how to tell you.. things are mixed, and mafenee ashra7..!!

one more thing..!!

كــــ عآآآآم وأنتم بخيـــــر ــــل
عســـــ كم ـــآ من العـــ يدين ـــآ

*I have sth to tell you.. later in-sha-allah*


اقصوصه said...

عيدج مبارك

وكل عام وانتي بخير :)

Samt♥AlbadoOo said...

اممم ,,
ونحن فانتظـآر البوستين ان شاء الله =)

سبحآن الله

هكونآ تقبل لله صيآمنـآ صيآمكم
البوست كالعـآده حلووووووووووووووو وآآآآآآآآيد

وعيدج مبـآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآرك صديقتيه ^_^

jonoon 3aqel said...

كل عام و انتي بخير

اختصار لأي كلمة؟!!
عجزت اعرف :)

شكرا لمرورك الكريم على مدونتي


HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

عليـــنآ وعليـــج
وانتي بألأف ألف خيـــر

وعسآآآآآج من العآيديـــــن

HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

إن شآآآءاللــــــه

منآ ومنكم صآلح الأعمال

ثآنكــــــس فرندوتي .. عيونج الحلوة

علينآ وعليــكم .. وعسآآآج من العآيديـــــ^^ـــــــن

HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

jonoon 3aqel

وانت بألـــف خيــر..وعسآآك من عواده

loOl ^^
sth >> something..!!

thanks for passing by..^^

Faith said...

عيدج مبارك يا الغاليه

ينعاد عليج بالصحة والعافيه يارب

كل عام وانتي بألف خير


vitamin said...

3edch mubarak dear friend ..
yn3ad 3lena w 3lech


HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

وانتي بألـــــ خيــرـــــــــف

وعسآآآج من العآيديـــن

HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

علينآ وعليـــكم

وينعآد عليج كل سنة وكل حول
إن شآءالله

بس عآد بين هلج وخلانج