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Tuesday, 27 October 2009


in the early morning .. I woke up early .. with full of energy
I went outside .. I was surprised
The weather was AMAZING
some white clouds
with cool breeze

the weather was really fantastic
hakona took the camera to take some shots
and went to the roof
woOw it was 7loO
take a look .. hope you enjoy..!!

this one .. from my window ..!!

SunRise .. in three phases..!!

Hafeet Mountain .. from the roof ..!!


|:| DUBAI |:| said...

Nice !

bedwyha style said...

الله الله شو هاالزين اول ما شفت الصور عطول يا في بالي اغنيه يا سحآبه قدرها فوق السحآب ..
ما فيج حيله الصراحه حبيت الصور من كل قلبي ..

lil.D said...

Very nice photos :)

Samt♥AlbadoOo said...

i liked da pix so much
yeah that day the weather was WoOw bl8oooooo

2day also the weather is AMAZING

nice post as usual friendotyaah =)
Keep it Up

صمت البوح said...

واااااااااااااااو يخبل يخبل الجووو

امس ع المغرب كااان الجو صدق رهيب
ذكرتيني بجو امس ^^

الله يعطيج العافية على هالصورالغاوية

HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

|:| DUBAI |:| & lil.D
oOh Thaanks a lot... 3yoonkom el-nice ^^
Thaanks for being here ^^
and u r welcome any time..

I'm really happy to c ur comments here in my blog..!!

bedwyha style
loOl..ya-allaaaah mn zmaaan this song.. i have some memories for this song..!!
Thaanks sweetie,,Thaanks for leaving such comment^^

HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

walla raw3aah el-weather these days.. el-7emdellah yaa raBb..

Oo after some days the moon will be mkteml >> 14 of the arabic month
we have to go out n this day..
it will be really amazing thing

Thaaaanks wayeed friendoty ^^

صمت البوح
هيــه .. عاد ع المغرب الجو رومنسي شوي خخخخ
الحمدالله بدا الجو يحلوّ
ونتريا المطر
ياااي بيكون حلو

وربي يعافيــج .. وشوووكرن ع المررو الحلوو ^^